1 Mum’s First Blog Post

A quick introduction and hello.


This is my very first post. A tiny, wee drop in an ocean of blogs. Hopefully, one that can become something familiar, fun and friendly, and promote chat, discussion, exchange of ideas and thoughts, and friendship. Who knows?

My posts will be mainly of things that come to my mind maybe after reading news articles, or just things I find myself churning over for no apparent reason. No rhyme or reason to them and no special order.


Trying to stay organised with ADHD

Do you struggle to stay organised, whether you have ADHD or not?

I do! I forget what I need to do on a daily basis. My mental to-do list remains mostly unfinished and I get snowed under and anxious. My son and I respond well to lists.


Each evening, while my mind is largely relaxed, I write a to-do list for my son and for me. Each item has a check box beside it.

When we do these lists, we complete more of what we need to get done.

I even write ‘put school bag by the front door’ and ‘put school uniform by the bed’ so we don’t forget these and end up running around each morning in a state of stress doing these things at the last minute. ‘Where’s my bag, Mum?’. It’s really good for his sense of psychological well-being to get lots of ticks and ‘jobs complete’ rewards and their accompanying stars next to them as well. He feels a sense of reward and completion and he can go to bed relaxed, and so can I.

Homework gets done, clarinet practise gets done, we’re out of the door at 8.30am with less stress, which means I’m not irritable with him and he doesn’t feel liked he’s failed – AGAIN.


ADHD and Discrimination.

Anyone who knows something about ADHD knows that it means there will be issues with focus, concentration, organisation skills and short-term memory.

To be singled out for any one of these traits in the workplace and/or placed on special measures for it constitutes discrimination (assuming your employer knows you have the condition).

It’s an invisible condition, and many people assume you’re making it up, or hamming it up, or that ADHD simply doesn’t exist. That’s their ignorance. If they’re in the health profession, they owe it to themselves as a credible practitioner to educate themselves about it.

It isn’t fun to have ADHD and it can limit your work-life because you’re not capable of certain things, just like any other person with a disability. Eye-rolling and getting annoyed with someone in the workplace for ADHD-related misdemeanours does not help and is likely to add to the sufferer’s stress and make them perform even less well.

Your kindness and understanding is key. Just as it is with anyone else with any kind of disability. You wouldn’t get annoyed with someone who has, say, MS which makes them struggle with stairs, would you? You wouldn’t insist that they ‘try harder’ and that you’ll be placing them on a management plan, and threaten them with extra training to help them manage stairs better, would you?

Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? Yet so many people with hidden disabilities are discriminated against.

Be kind. Treat that person as though they were a member of your family.

Thank you.

Utterly disgusting racism.

I have just inadvertently stumbled upon the most disgusting racist website. A whole forum dedicated to hating black people – endless pages of it where people post links of news items where a black person (including children) has died or been killed. The vile language and the laughing is psychopathic. I’m horrified. I don’t understand it.

I’ve reported it to  NoHateSpeech.org

If you find any sort of hate speech on the ‘net, please consider reporting it. It may seem pointless, but who knows? It might lead to some punishments in the future.


Las Vegas mass shooting – Another Gun Tragedy in USA.

Dreadful events today. More than 58 people were murdered and more than 500 people injured by a nut-job with a gun in Las Vegas.

Rest In Peace to those who lost their life to the madman.

Not one person managed to defend him or herself with their gun, making the ‘we carry guns for protection’ argument redundant. Now, more than ever, is a good time to look at those American gun laws, isn’t it? Before more innocents get killed by some loser nut-job.

I understand it – you have got so used to owning guns that you would feel naked without one in the house, but change has to start sometime. In a generation or two’s time, people would have become used to not owning guns and wouldn’t feel unsafe without one, just like people in the UK where hardly anyone has so much as touched or seen a gun. We feel ok about not owning one.


Books: Actual vs Kindle.

I’ve never been a great reader. I struggle with concentrate and I struggle to retain what I have just read. Those things lead to an unsatisfying experience that’s frankly too much hassle for me. However, I do occasionally (we’re talking every couple of years) get right into a book and read it in about 2 weeks. I wish that feeling came so easily every time as it’s a wonderful thing.

Since the advent of Kindle, Nook, Kobi etc, do we really need actual books?

I know plenty of people who swear that there’s nothing quite like a physical book that you can feel and smell. I get that. Reference books aside though, aren’t real, physical books just clutter for the earth and clutter for your home?

I would keep a book if it had a note in it from my Mother who passed away when I was 9 years old. But what am I to do with all these David Walliams and Dav Pilkey books my son has read and will never read again? Do I sell them on Ebay? Surely that breaches copyright laws as the author doesn’t get to make any money from their work’s resale – I do. Do I give them to friends or take them to the charity shop for them to sell?

I generally feel these days that I don’t want musty clutter in my life so I have my books in binary form and delete them to non-existent form once I’ve read them and to me that feels better for the earth and better for the author.

My Kindle currently houses code for 26 partially read books! If that was real books, that would be a lot of space taken up in my house. And not only would they be hogging space, they would demand to be dusted every now and then…and that is NEVER a positive.

So I now only very few books and I feel no shame. A lot of people no longer buy CDs as they prefer the digital copy of a song on their PC or other device. It’s the same thing. But with books.

What are your thoughts on actual books vs Kindle type books?

Otto Warmbier’s Death.

How very sad that Otto Warmbier passed away less than a week after he was released from North Korea. What that poor young man went through whilst detained there is anyone’s guess.

I suspect he was heavily sedated and had a heart attack whilst sedated, resulting in not enough oxygen to his brain for too long. I don’t know why I think that, but as soon as the mention of ‘a sleeping pill’ was made, it made me suspect he had been over-sedated.

Perhaps better to be no longer on earth than in one of those work camps? I have read a lot of accounts about those places and one ex-detainee said he had tried to commit suicide whilst there by biting through his wrist as no tools were made available to make suicide possible. The poor person apparently passed out before the suicide was complete, and he was tortured further for what he had attempted.

I do think the parents’ decision to say no to a post-mortem was the wrong decision, though. The world will never know what actually caused Otto’s brain damage. I think that would have been important information for the world, especially when the regime said it was a result of a sleeping pill and/or botulism. I read that they said he had been through enough, but to be honest, once a person has passed away, they won’t suffer any more. I appreciate that they had been through enough though.

I’m glad his parents received their son’s body home so they could say their goodbyes. I hope they find calmer days in the future and can remember their son and smile at the happy times they spent with him.

Rest In Peace Otto Warmbier.